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Part: DA 814K

Manufacturer: diotec
Nr of stock: 1
Quantity: 757
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Available part: DA 814K

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Welcome to Comptrade. Our service ictrac is a free component search service developed for people who are working in the electronics industry. The parts is a selection from the best and most reliable distributors and trading houses around the world. Make your choice from the hit list and we promise to come back with an answer within 24 hours. Comptrade Electronics AB is the company behind ictrac. We have been active in the trading industry for more than 15 years. Comptrade holds the highest credit rating by the international rating firms. Comptrade offer a reliable trading platform for electronics components. We are looking forward to the opportunity to work with You and Your company.

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DA 814K diotec


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Quality standard ISO 9001 Environment Standard ISO 14000 Recycling 14 years in the business

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Import and export world wideIML 2000

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